The Da Vinci Game

Board Game with Anagrams, Riddles and Codes

The Da Vinci Game challenges players to solve ingenious puzzles, riddles, logic problems and conundrums, the likes of which Leonardo Da Vinci himself loved to devise and solve. Obviously, to ensure that you gain the maximum enjoyment from the game, we've brought it into the 21st Century, which is where Leonardo Da Vinci could be said to belong.

There are 4 kinds of clue used within game and on clue squares a player reads one of these out to all the other players, who then each attempt to answer. The fastest player or team wins the most tokens, but don't panic, all players who correctly answer the clue within one minute still gain tokens. The types of clue and some examples are:

Vitruvian Man AnagramsVitruvian Man Clues

The Vitruvian Man clues are all anagrams of a well-known book, film, song, or work of art, or their creator. A clue is also given in a non-anagram form, such as the name of the author or the film genre, along with the length of each word, as you would see in a crossword puzzle. Here are two examples:

Part pulses
Frieze meal (4,6)

On any screen
Always shaken, never stirred (4,7)

Da Vinci CodexCodex Clues

The Codex Clues are all two line riddles and require some lateral thinking and a little general knowledge, for example:

Wander without end for this magic stick
Turns frogs into princes, a simple trick
4 letters

Ring of a saint that he never does hold
In life is seldom seen, yet shines bright gold
4 letters

Rose symbologyRose Clues

The Rose Clues are also two line riddles, this time providing a clue to a geographical location somewhere in the world. Examples include:

Famed for its angel painted ceiling frieze
Seeing it, Pope Pius fell to his knees

Engineering feat means sailing with ease
A waterway joining these two vast seas

Logic Key QuestionsLogic Key

The Logic Key Clues all have a numeric answer and take the form of series that need completing, riddles or general knowledge clues in the areas of sport, music, film, history, etc., all with a numeric answer. For example:

What number is the answer to this riddle?
Cone alone flour minus call

What number is the answer to this riddle?
A year soon to be starts and ends the same
Good vision of it's revealed in my name

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