Books connected to The Da Vinci Code, Game play includes racing to solve 800 ingenious codes, riddles, anagrams and logic puzzles

The Da Vinci Game

The Da Vinci Board Game

The Da Vinci Game is a game where players race against each other and the clock to solve 800 codes, riddles, anagrams, logic puzzles and general knowledge rhyming iambic pentameters.

The contents of the boardgame are listed below the image.

Riddles, Anagrams and codes board game

Contents of board game:

1 Game board,
400 Clue Cards (800 challenges),
1 Electronic Timer
1 Die,
4 Category Dividers,
6 Pairs of Playing Pieces,
1 Cloth Bag,
50 Treasure Tokens,
24 Treasure Tiles,
1 Plain Pad,
6 Pencils,
1 Rules Leaflet