The Da Vinci Game

Board Game Designers

The Da Vinci Game was created by:

Allison Carmichael - In her current incarnation Allison Carmichael is an artist and games designer. She first had the idea for a Da Vinci Game while in the middle of moving house from a small village near Rennes-le-Chateau to an even smaller village near Rennes-le-Chateau. She has designed the board and playing pieces with a painter's palette to encapsulate ancient images that are both beautiful and symbolic. She's the brains behind the Rose Clues and the Vitruvian Man Clues.

Martin Woods has been The Big Issue in the North cryptic crossword compiler since 1999 and has always loved games, creating his first board game at the age of 7 called High Magik, which unfortunately was never published, and the world really missed out. He's the brains behind the Logic Key Clues and the Codex Clues. Martin is currently working on a novel called 'Alien Planets'

Indigoextra Ltd - Martin and Allison are the Directors of Indigoextra Ltd, a creative website, illustration and graphic design company. One of Indigoextra's specialities is Video and Board Game Design, having also illustrated two games for Pants on Fire Games and various artwork for video games.

Games Talk have developed and designed a series of games, including the three official New Line Cinema Lord of the Rings games and the Countdown game, based on the popular TV show, amongst many others. They are the agent who brought The Da Vinci Game to Fun and Games.

Fun and Games - Fun and Games is the sling shot that will ensure that your local shop has The Da Vinci Game in store when you ask for it and as their name suggests, they deal exclusively in fun and games.

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